Unit 101576: Primary PDHPE Wiki

Rebecca’s Class
This wikispace is a website provided for students to assist in their learning and is a way to inform parents, as it can be accessed from both school and the home.

It allows students to access their schooling from the home environment.

It allows parents to view their child’s academic progress and keep up to date with class activities and events. It can also allow parents to assist and become more involved in their child’s learning at home.

Through this wikispace, students and parents have access to the 2011 calendar, homework grids (which are updated every fortnight), student pages, which demonstrate the students progress throughout the year, interactive websites, warm up games, power points and the teachers blogs.

2011 Calender


Alex Mees Page

Jacob Moscato's Page

Ella Palmer's Page

Interactive Learning

Power Point

Warm-up Games