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Homework Grid

Reading - Everday

Read one of the following:

  • Book from school
  • Book from home
  • Magazine article
  • Newspaper article
  • Other text

external image large_open_book.png

English and Spelling - Everyday

Learn spelling by copying list three
times into your homework book.
Cover and check.

Complete worksheets given out at the
beginning of each week.

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Housework - Everyday

Do one of the following:

  • Help do the dishes
  • Clean your room
  • Set the table
  • Feed a pet
  • Help do the shopping
  • Take rubbish out
  • Other: ___

Maths - Everyday

Complete the following:

Practice times tables. Quiz will
be held at the end of week 5.

Complete worksheets given out at the
beginning of each week.

external image calculator.jpg

Health and Physical Activity

Play a game of any sport with a sibling, parent, friend or other family
member or group.

Keep a food diary ofeverything you
have to eat during the week.

external image 48A_PE.gif

Teach your parents

Teach a parent a game you learnt in
PE this week.

Tell your parents about an artwork
you did this week and show them
how you did it.

Test your parents on theirtimes tables
or spelling. Then ask them to test you.

Personal Goal/Community Service

Take a plastic bag to school or to the
park and pick up 5-10 pieces of rubbish.

Learn to say Hello in 5 different

Learn how to shoot hoops and see how many goals you can get in 30


Find one of your favorite songs and
try to clap along to the beat.

Try to make an instrument out of objects you find around the house.
external image F99_music-notes.jpg


Draw or paint a picture of yourself
playing a favorite game or sport.

Make a collage out of pictures of yourself, family and friends.

external image ZZ8_clip_art_art_8.jpg


Use the internet to research the
effects/disadvantages of smoking.
Make a list.

Find and download several new songs off the internet.

external image computer.jpg


Get a magnet, and go around the house,
testing what objects are attracted to it.
Make a list.

external image


Write one paragraph about an
environmental issue, such as floods,
bushfires, tsunamis, earthquakes, etc

external image D54_geography.png
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Homework gudelines:
  1. Only english, maths and housework must be completed everynight, and will be checked by your teacher everyday. The remaining subjects can be completed over 2 weeks.
  2. Where there are multiple tasks for a subject (besides English and Maths) only one of these tasks needs to be completed.
  3. Parents or guardians should oberve their children and sign grid at the end of each fortnight to ensure work has been completed.