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PE Tutorial Blog: Tutorial 1

Warm up (wake-up) games were introduced in this tutorial. Warm up games are designed to get children moving in preparation for the rest of the lesson.
Warm up games include:
  • The cone game: students are sorted into 2 groups and one group has to turn cones into hills (rightside up) and one has to turn them into valleys (upside down). They are given 30 seconds before cones are counted and scores given.
  • Tails: 2 teams. All students tuck sashes into pockets or back of their pants and let it hang out. Teams have to try to grab the other teams sash. Teams with the most sashes win.
  • Huggy bears: students must perform an action and then the teacher shouts a number, students must get into groups of that number.
Some warm up games can be used to sort children into groups, including huggy bears, in preparation for the next games.

PDH Tutorial Blog: Tutorial 5

The purpose of this tutorial was to design ways to teach children how to express themselves. It involved teaching them morals, for example, the difference between right and wrong, secrets, and what are good and what are bad secrets, their own rights and emotions and teaching them appropriate ways of expressing emotion. In doing so, puppets were used by groups and introduced as an effective means of communication between teachers and students. As these puppets are more entertaining and engaging.
Through these puppets, groups used them to:
  • Performs songs: 'If your happy and you know it' - demonstrates expression of emotions
  • Perform plays: 'Little red riding hood' - demonstrates a persons' rights and what the right thing to do is
  • Engage in class discussion - discussing good and bad secrets